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This is the possible Tomb Raider Chronology. This chronology is about Lara's discoveries and some other facts. It is pre-reboot (e.g. does not include anything from the game to be released in 2013), nor does it - for now - include any information from the movies or comics, and probably is not correct nor complete. Since Lara's background story changes between the classic Core Design and newer Crystal Dynamics games (and even within these periods) it is not easy to create a definitive time line.



  • In an airplane trip, Lara and her mother get lost in somewhere in Himalaya. There Lara finds a Stone Dais. Her mother disappears and is thought to be dead.




  • Lara discovers and kills the Bigfoot. Her discovery is posted in a magazine.




  • Lara goes to Russia and discovers the Spear of Destiny. Because of its destructive power, she escapes without it.


  • Lara goes to Egypt and meets Von Croy, possessed by the god Seth. She finds Seth's tomb and gets the Amulet of Horus. She travels to all Egypt in order to find the pieces of the Armour of Horus. She tries to bring Horus to the world, but Seth ruins the plan destroying the armour. She escapes from the god and locks him forever. Lara tries to escape from the pyramid, but fails. It is announced Lara's "death" in Egypt. Some time later, she is found alive.



  • Lara goes to Bolivia and finds a Stone Dais, like the other one she found when she was nine. She goes to Peru and remebers the incident there, that resulted in Lara's friends death. There she also finds out the artifact she is searching for is a sword. After that she visits Nishimura in Japan and finds out Takamoto has a piece of the artifact, killing him and getting the piece. Then she travels to Ghana where she fights Rutland and takes another piece of the sword. Later she finds out that another piece is in Kazakhstan, where she meets Amanda Evert and takes the piece. Following a map in Lancelot's Shield, Lara discovers King Arthur's tomb and takes another piece of the artifact. After finding out she needs the Ghalali Key to connect the sword's pieces, travels to Nepal, finds the key, and bounds Excalibur in the same place where her mother "died". Finally, she goes back to Bolivia and defeats Amanda, but her mother's death remains unanswered. The only hint Lara has is "Avalon".


  • Lara goes to Mediterranean Sea and finds Thor's first gauntlet, but Amanda's mercenaries knock her out and escape with the artifact. Lara follows them to a giant ship. There she meets Jaqueline Natla, who was supposed to be dead. She informs Lara that her next destiny is in Thailand. Lara goes there, but don't find the gauntlet. She discovers her father found it and hid it in the Croft Manor. She goes home and finds the gauntlet in a secret basement. A doppelgänger appears, explodes the mansion, shoots Zip and kills Alister. After that, Lara goes to Mexico, where she discovers Xibalba and finds Thor's belt. Now she goes to Jan Mayen Island and disovers Valhalla, where she finds Thor's hammer. After seting Natla free from Amanda's hand, she goes to somewhere in the Arctic, where she finds a temple. There Natla does a ritual and Lara opens Helheim/Avalon's door. After finding out her mother is dead and saved by Amanda, Lara shuts the Midgard Serpent Mechanism down and defeats Natla by throwing the hammer on her. She and Amanda escapes in a Stone Dais near there.
  • Lara finds a document wrote by her father, relating a artifact that can create and control thralls. She returns to the remains of her mansion and goes to the secret basement. There she finds another way down, full of rooms and traps. She finds the artifact and controls a thrall and the doppelgänger (who was supposed to be dead). She orders it to make sure Natla suffers.



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