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The Nephilim are a race of extinct beings. They were a human-angel hybrid who were able to change their physical appearance. In early biblical times they lived in today's Turkey.

It is said that the Nephilim were once beings of light.

The black Alchemist, Pieter Van Eckhardt made a pact with the Nephilim of ancient Turkey, 600 years ago. He would gain immortality for helping the Nephilim with his alchemical skills. He set out in the 21st Century to breed the Nephilim back to existence.

In a first attempt a Proto Nephilim hybrid was created, but the experiment failed and Eckhardt went back to his plan to breed a new Nephilim race by extracting vital essences from the last remaining Nephilim, the Cubiculum Nephili, (or the Sleeper). They found the remains of this Nephilim buried in Turkey and brought it to the Strahov in Prague. Eckhardt collected body-parts to revive the Sleeper.

At the end of the game, Lara learns that Karel, was in fact a living Nephilim.

Official Texts

THE NEPHILIM RACE - It says here that the Nephilim were the hybrid offspring of angels and humans. They were thought to be able to change their physical appearance and flourished in Turkey in early biblical times. Now extinct.
Nephilim - from Enochian texts[1]. Cursed hybrid offspring of angels and humans. Exterminated in biblical times.
  • Prophecy:
Through the Golden Lion the Nephilim will enslave the sons of man and inherit the Earth.

Miscellaneous facts

  • The Hebrew for nephilim is "naphal" נפלים, which means "to fall"[2] and in certain contexts may also mean "those causing others to fall"[3].
  • In 1992 a role-playing game called Nephilim was released by Chaosium, in which players take on roles of ancient spirits that can move from one human incarnation to another [4].
  • In the Israeli television show Ha'Nephilim, the character 'Rami The Shape Shifter' has the ability to morph into any person, once he obtains their DNA by touch[5].