Armour of Horus

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Armour of Horus
Tr4 horus armour completed.png

Golden armour

Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Temple of Poseidon

Cleopatra's Palaces

Level Used Temple of Horus

The Armour of Horus is a set of artefacts that, when combined, create a suit of armour. The armour is made out of gold and is found in the Temple of Poseidon and in the Cleopatra's Palaces. Lara combines the armour at the Temple of Horus in an effort to summon Horus to destroy Seth. Seth however can destroy the armour before Horus could be successfully summoned.

The armour consists of five parts: a breast plate, a left and right gauntlet, and a left and right greave. And for the armour to be completed, the Amulet of Horus must be placed centrally on the breast plate.

With his amulet and his armor, he (Horus) is once again poised to battle and defeat Seth


The armour was brought to Alexandria by Cleopatra after she realized how significant the artefact was.[2]


After reading the hieroglyphs in Tomb of Semerkhet, Lara finds out how to imprison Seth once again. She sets out to Alexandria to meet Jean-Yves, who tells her where to look for the pieces of the Armour of Horus. Lara finds them all: the Left Gauntlet at the Temple of Poseidon, and the rest of the armour - the Right Gauntlet, the Right Greave, the Left Greave and the Breast Plate - in Cleopatra's Palaces.


Golden armour with decorations on the gauntlets and the greaves.


The armour, when successfully combined, will summon the god Horus. Horus cannot appear unless his combined armour is waiting for him intact.


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