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Found 1984
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider III

The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider Chronicles

Level Found Race for the Iris (first time)

13th Floor (stolen by Lara)

Level Used Escape with the Iris

The Iris is an ancient Cambodian artefact. It was discovered jointly by Lara and Werner Von Croy in 1984 in Angkor Wat.

The artifact which lead to the animosity between Miss Croft and Von Croy.
Winston Smith[1]


Not much is revealed about the artefact's history. In the chamber where it was sealed, Lara read an inscription on a stone tablet. It contained a warning of revenge upon those who disturb the Iris.


After a quick race, Lara and Werner enter a chamber with a mechanical globe. Werner pressures Lara to help him to open it, revealing the Iris. When Werner tried to remove the Iris from the mechanical globe, even after Lara warned him about the possibility of a trap, the room started to shake and Werner caught his leg in some debris, giving him a limp for life. The mechanical globe closed with him still in it. Lara, however, managed to escape. We do not know how long Werner was trapped in the globe, but he did escape and he took the Iris with him. He also held a major grudge against Lara for abandoning him.

Eventually Werner founded a research company: Von Croy Industries, which had a tower block base in New York City. The Iris was taken there for research on its powers. In 1997 Lara broke into the tower and stole the Iris successfully. She keeps the Iris in her treasure vault to this day.


The Iris appears to be a central sphere of an orange substance that emanates light, somewhat resembling the internal structure of the planet Earth. Three spherical cups of different sizes rotate at random patterns around the centre as shown in the image.


We only see the powers of this artefact in Tomb Raider Chronicles. When Lara is escaping from Von Croy Industries, she uses the Iris as a power source to teleport herself to another room. However, for this power to be manipulated, a special machine needs to present in both the room where you are being teleported, and the room you are being teleported to. These radioactive machines were constructed by Von Croy Industries. The Iris ignores gravity and can hover in mid air.


The Iris is the artefact that appears most in the Tomb Raider series. It appears in Lara's treasure vault in Tomb Raider III (implying that she stole it from Von Croy, before the story of Tomb Raider III takes place). The story of how the Iris was obtained is revealed in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, and the story of how Lara stole the Iris from Von Croy Industries is told in Tomb Raider Chronicles.


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  1. In-game dialogue between Winston, Father Patrick and Charles Kane in Tomb Raider Chronicles