Infada Stone

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Infada Stone

Meteorite Artefact

Found 1998
Game(s) Tomb Raider III
Level Found Caves of Kaliya

The Infada Stone is one of the crystal meteorite artifacts in Tomb Raider III.



The Infada Stone was fashioned from a meteorite by Polynesians, that impacted upon Antarctica many years ago.


Taken from Antarctica by one of the sailors from the HMS Beagle to India, it was left to rest in a temple built deep in the Indian jungle. It was discovered recently by Tony, an explorer. He tried to kill Lara as she pursued him in an effort to recover the artefact along the River Ganges. He eventually retreated to the Caves of Kaliya where he met his demise.


A crystalline piece of a meteorite of turquoise colour, cone-shaped.


The individual powers of the Infada Stone allow the bearer to levitate from the ground. The bearer may also manipulate energy from the atmosphere, and compress it into the forms of energy bursts and beams. To obtain the powers of the Infada Stone, the bearer must stab it deep through their heart.

Considering the elementalist beliefs of its creators, the Infada Stone symbolizes the power of Fire. It allows Tony to set water ablaze (during his encounter with Lara) and launch fiery bolts.

When combined with the other crystal artefacts at the Meteorite Cavern, it will rapidly speed up the evolution of the bearer.

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"Infada" is a word that only really occurs in Tomb Raider III, but may have its origins in the Arabic word "intifada", meaning "shudder, awakening, uprising". [1]


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