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The Story of Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation is set completely in Egypt and around the events surrounding Lara Croft's attempt to conceal Seth back to his tomb after accidentally releasing him, with only the exception of the training section in Cambodia where at the age of 16, Lara accompanies Werner von Croy in the search for the Iris.

Cambodia (1984)

Tr4 voncroy cambodia 1 FMV.JPG

Young Lara enters a tomb in Angkor Wat with von Croy. Von Croy's goal is to retrieve the Iris artefact. When they arrive the room where it's concealed inside a globe-like mechanism, which needs two people to open it. Lara hesitates to pull the other one of the levers, because she has read warnings from the inscriptions. The following dialogue takes place:

  • Von Croy: Ahh, ancient hocus pocus... Forget this nonsense and come over here!
  • Lara: I don't count poison darts and triggered entombment your average child's tea party. I feel we should lend this some respect...
  • Von Croy: Haa... And you are the world-famous archaeologist-adventurer, Lara Croft, ja? No! No! I am the reknown archaeologist-adventurer, Werner von Croy! And you will do as I say! Go to the wall, and pull the lever!
  • Lara: What was it you said? Disrespect is the route to carelessness?
  • Von Croy: I am weary of this... Pull the lever now, Miss Croft!
  • Lara: On your head be it, von Croy... [Lara starts to pull the lever.]

As they pull the levers, the globe opens, revealing the Iris on its pedestal. Werner approaches it, and as soons as he's about to grab it, the tomb starts to crumble. Lara runs towards the exit, but stops when Werner screams for help. His leg is trapped in the globe mechanism, and it's starting to close. Lara's going to go and help Werner, but the globe closes before she even gets to him. She has to save herself from the tomb, and she rushes out, avoiding closely getting crushed by falling rocks in the ceiling of the exit.

King's Valley (1999)

Lara's travelling in Egypt.
Tr4 beginning FMV riding a camel.JPG
Tr4 beginning FMV monument.JPG
Tr4 beginning FMV fallen to the tomb.JPG
Riding a camel with her guide in the desert, they stop and dismount near a pile of rocks. She's about to pick up a glittering, tiny artifact, but the guide waves her to come over. Lara continues to pick up the artifact, but as she's about to grab it, a black scorpion crawls under a rock. Startled by the sight of it, Lara falls back, and a swarm of scorpions emerges out. She runs to her guide to see what he has found. It's a some sort of a monument, a bit shaped like a person laying on his back, with a pressure pad on its chest. Lara presses it and looks around: nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake, small rocks are flying and both Lara and her guide fall into a chute. They end up into the Tomb of Seth.

In the tomb's Burial Chambers Lara removes the Amulet of Horus, not knowing that by doing so she releases Seth. There's a prophecy inscribed to the amulet:

I, Semerkhet, High Priest of Horus,
Forewarn that he who removes the Amulet shall have released Seth.
He who walked abroad with the jackal,
At the dawn of Man
Shall once again violate the Earth.

Ruler of Evil
Will again be free at the turn of distant millenia.
At his heel plagues and locusts
Harvests fail under the broken skies.
Once called forth, shall the heavens split asunder,
And the light of the Sun God Horus.
Banish the Lord of Darkness,


Lara goes to see her old friend, Jean-Yves, who tells her about what she has done and how the ceremony is complete with the Armour of Horus. Lara decides to go after the armour: "Time to put things right... And remove a thorn in my side in the process," she says to Jean-Yves and heads to the Temple of Karnak.


Lara's goal is to get to the Tomb of Semerkhet. Von Croy is after her and sends his minions to the templegrounds. As Lara finds the tomb and carefully enters it, von Croy appears to the doorway. The Amulet of Horus was needed to open the door to the tomb, and Werner takes it, locking Lara inside. Deeper in Semerkhet's tomb, Lara reads the inscriptions from the walls. There it says that the god Horus should be summoned and with his amulet and armour he should be able to defeat Seth.

She leaves the tomb, and finds her former guide. Making her demands more effective by threatening him with her pistols, she learns that von Croy is heading to Alexandria. Lara disguises herself with the guide's clothes and secretly enter's a train that goes there along the Desert Railroad.


Lara meets Jean-Yves again in Alexandria. Lara tells him that von Croy has now the amulet, and she is soon informed that he's looking for the armour, too. Jean-Yves recommends that Lara starts looking for the armour in the catacombs under the city, so that she'd find out where the Cleopatra's Palaces are, and find the armour. There are plenty of locations from where to look, and Jean-Yves offers a lot of useful information along the way.

After Lara has managed to collect all the pieces of the armour, scattered to different temples, she returns to Jean-Yves' studyroom. Someone has been there before her, there's a note on a desk attached with a knife. Von Croy has kidnapped Jean-Yves, and wants the armour in exhange for Jean-Yves' life. Lara must go to Cairo.


The City of the Dead doesn't look like a friendly place, aswell as the rest of the locations. The sky has turned dark, omnious forces are on the loose. Luckily Lara gets help from Asisah in destroying the Creature from the Past and gaining access to the Citadel, where Jean-Yves is held captive. She stumbles into von Croy, who possessed of Seth, accompanied with a few Temple Dogs. He's digging out some ceremonial tablet, which has Seth's binding incantations. Now it's Lara's turn to lock him in by taking off the Amulet of Horus from it's receptacle on a wall!

Pyramids of Giza

In order to reach the Temple of Horus, Lara has to enter a few pyramids and do some digging by herself. In the temple, the final battle against Seth takes place. It's no use to fire him with guns, Seth must be re-entombed. Lara places the armour to its place with the Amulet of Horus onto a statue, which comes to life. Lara has to make her way to the top shaft in the temple. After succesfully doing so, she places the amulet to its place and seals the gate. Seth is now once again imprisoned.

The passageway starts to collapse, and in a classic tomb raiding style, Lara must once again make her way out alive. Exhausted by all the running, just before the exit, Lara stops to catch her breath. Tiny rock are falling from the ceiling, and a shadow blocks the exit.
Tr4 ending FMV werner 1.JPG
It's von Croy again! Bigger rocks start to fall, time is running out.
  • Von Croy: Quickly girl! Before it collapses around you! [He leans forward, trying to grab Lara's hand.]

[Lara evades falling rocks, falling a bit backwards]

  • Lara: You back, Werner? No more Seth?
  • Von Croy: No time! Your hand, Lara! Give me your hand!
Tr4 ending FMV lara 2.JPG
Tr4 ending FMV collapsed tomb.JPG

[The floor starts to collapse, Lara falls, but manages to grab a ledge in the doorway.]

  • Von Croy: Take my hand! I can pull you to safety!
  • Lara: Good to see you again, Werner.
  • Von Croy: I couldn't leave you!

[The doorway collapses completely, von Croy goes away as quickly as he can to avoid being crushed by falling rocks. He looks behind, seeing the completely sealed doorway, takes off his hat and sighs.]