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High Priest Semerkhet
Tr4 high priest semerkhet.JPG
Nationality Egyptian
Occupation High Priest of Horus
Game(s) The Last Revelation

Semerkhet was the High Priest of Horus in The Last Revelation.

He is responsible alongside with the Sun God Horus for the sealing of Seth when he "violated the Earth" for the first time.

Semerkhet is seen and heard for the first time during the FMV after the level Burial Chambers. Lara reads aloud the inscription on the Amulet of Horus, her voice changes into Semerkhet and it's shown how he and Horus sealed Seth for the first time. Semerkhet's voice warns that the one, "who removes the Amulet shall have released Seth"[1] and that the "Ruler of Evil will again be free at the turn of distant millenia."[2] However, the inscription also gives a hint on how to defeat Seth as "Once called forth, shall the heavens split asunder, and the light of the Sun God Horus, banish the Lord of Darkness".[3]

Semerkhet's voice is once again heard during an FMV after the level KV5, and he tells how "The power to summon the Sun god, Horus, stolen by the evil Set, shall only be revealed to the bearer of the amulet, within the temple of Semerket at Karnak."[4]

Lara then travels to Semerkhet's tomb, where the hieroglyphs tell more about how to defeat Seth in the FMV after the level Tomb of Semerkhet.


Masked man with decorative, golden clothing and accessories suitable for an Egyptian high priest.

See also

The Sun God of Egyptian mythology and the only one, who can defeat Seth
The artefact needed alongside the Armour of Horus to summon Horus, it also seals Seth



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