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The Last Revelation
Section Cairo Section
Level No 26
Secrets 2
Location Egypt, Cairo
Level Chronology:
Street Bazaar Citadel The Sphinx Complex

Citadel is the twenty-sixth level in The Last Revelation and the last level in the Cairo Section.


Lara has finally found her way through Cairo to the Citadel. She arrives there to save Jean-Yves, who has been held captive there by Werner Von Croy. Jean-Yves tells to Lara that Werner Von Croy has become possessed by Set. Lara must now confront Werner yet again, and stop him from digging up the stone tablets that contain the binding incantations of Set.


  • Find a torch
  • Set a rope on fire with a lit torch
  • Make your way to the Compass Puzzle
  • Solve the Compass Puzzle
  • Get to the vault of the Undead Crusaders
  • Trick the Undead Crusaders to break wooden beams, which opens the exit



There are two secrets to be found in this level.




First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Further Information

The Citadel of Saladin is one of the largest complexes of Medieval Islamic architecture anywhere in the world. It contains numerous important buildings, such as the Mosque of Mohamed Ali completed in 1848, the Al-Gawhara Palace, the National Military Museum, the Police Museum and two other mosques; the Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad (thirteenth-fourteenth century) and the Mosque of Suleyman Pasha, built in the sixteenth century.


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