Peru - Mountain Caves

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Peru - Mountain Caves
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Section Peru Section
Level No 1
Length (*)
  • Time Trial: 6 minutes
Secrets 1 Relic

3 Artifacts

Special Training Level
Location South America, Peru
Level Chronology:
Peru - Mountain Caves Peru - City of Vilcabamba

Peru - Mountain Caves is the first level of Tomb Raider Anniversary and also in the Peru Section.

The location of the level is, as the name indicates, Peru.


After being hired by Jacqueline Natla to explore the long lost city of Vilcabamba and reading up on a previous expedition in her father's journal, Lara hires a guide to get her to the entrance of the Vilcabamba Mountain Caves.


  • Find a path through the caves.
  • Open the big gate at the other end.



In this level you can find one Relic and three Artifacts.

Ceramic bottle from approximately AD 700 depicting a mythological killer whale. Such vessels were most likely used for drinking fermented chicha.
In-game information[1]

Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


  1. In-game description in a menu
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