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The following is a list of the Keywords found in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The purpose of this article is to list all keywords to make it easier to determine which words are used within the game (be it the name used for weapons, ammunition, levels, characters or anything else related to the game).

Please make sure you are very thorough and use the exact spelling used in the games - if unsure, mark the item with (has to be verified). Every item in this list should have a corresponding article, which in some cases means that a redirect has to be set up.

There are links on this page that may link to already existing articles. This does not mean that new information has already been added to it! Please check these links before marking them as done.

Levels, Regions, Locations

Challenges, Missions, Challenge Tombs,...



(Note: Missions now is a Disambiguation page for Rise of the Tomb Raider Missions and Shadow of the Tomb Raider Missions instead of a redirect.)

Challenge Tombs

Challenge Tombs


Trails (Tombs/Puzzles) Lara has to face to get to Paititi:



Base Camps

Base Camp

Gear, Weapons


  • Day of the Dead outfit (including poncho and mask) (correct name to be determined)
  • classic inspired outfit (correct name to be determined)
  • first screenshots outfit (correct name to be determined)

Collectable Items (Documents, Relics...)

-> Mayan Knowledge


Resources and Bartering

Lara can barter with the Merchant and exchange Gold Pieces collected during her adventure for outfits, weapons or resources. Resources can still be found around the world or in a Resource Crate (or plural?).

  • Cloth (sell: 30 gold pieces, Paititi gameplay video)
  • Feathers (sell: 30)
  • Hardwood (sell: 30)
  • Herbs (name has to be verified in game) (sell: 30)
  • Algae (can be collected under water) (name has to be verified in-game)
  • Hide (sell: 40)
  • Medicine
  • Medkits
  • Salvage (sell: 40)
  • Stimulant
  • xp cache (name has to be verified in game)


Characters, Enemies, and Prey

Traps and Obstacles

Gameplay Features, Moves