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North America

Country Mexico
Games Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Camps 2
Challenges 1

Cozumel is the second Location Lara Croft visits in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Cozumel is an Island located on the coast of Yucatan opposite Playa del Carmen. Lara visits the island and the town of the same name on the Día de Muertos when the inhabitants are celebrating in the streets. During the festivities she meets Jonah here in a restaurant called La Casa Mexicana.

Later on, the town gets devastated by an Tsunami that follows an Earthquake that Lara herself may have caused by taking the Key of Chak Chel from its resting place on the island to prevent it from falling into the hands of Trinity.


The following Levels take place on Cozumel:

Base Camps

The Base Camps in this region are both outside of the town, which Lara can't revisit after the devastating tsunami. Instead they are located in the Dig Site's ruins.