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Wine (or WINE) is a program originally written for Linux systems to provide an execution layer of the more common Windows APIs in order to run Windows programs without modification. It can be used to play Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Games intended for Windows on Linux, BSD, and MacOS X, but results may vary widely.

Although Wine is open source, there are also commercial versions that support more applications/games.[1] These also provide a graphical user interface for setup etc.

Tomb Raider Games Playable With Wine

As Wine is under constant development this Wiki will not provide a list of playable games that is likely to change a lot. Instead one should look up specific games on the projects homepage: WineHQ AppDB Search

As a rule of thumb, older games like the Classic Tomb Raider games are more likely to work. Newer games have specific problems with newer versions of DirectX like flickering or missing objects.

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