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Steam is a platform for PC games, created by Valve. Originally developed for Windows Operating Systems it nowadays supports MacOS X and Linux as well, although not all titles are playable on the latter two.

Steam provides an easy way to buy, download, and install games from the Internet and supports Achievements and DLC like PSN and Xbox Live on consoles.

Tomb Raider Games on Steam

All Tomb Raider Games that were originally released for the PC were also released or re-released on Steam, with the exception of the additional levels (like Unfinished Business):[1]

Lara Croft Games on Steam

Both Lara Croft Games have been released on Steam:[2]

Family Sharing

With Steam it is possible to share one's library of games with family members. To do so, you have to login at least once on the same computer with each account, the one who shares his library as well as the one that gets the permission to use it. Then, log in with the account that owns the games you want to share and click on "Steam", then on "Settings". In the "Account" tab check that Steam Guard is enabled, then change to the "Family" tab. Here click on "Authorise this computer" and check the other user account below.

To use the games shared, login with the second account and equally check that Steam Guard is enabled. The first account's library should automatically be added.

While this enables a family member (or friend) to play a game from the library, only one person can play the game at a time. Moreover, the original owner can start playing a game any time; if this game is currently in use by a different family member, he or she will be kicked from the game (after receiving a warning that the current game should be saved as soon as possible).