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The Trapdoor is a special kind of Door found throughout the Tomb Raider Games.

The regular trapdoor is opened by flipping a Lever/Switch, using a Key or sometimes by simply triggering it by stepping on it. There are also two special kinds of trapdoors that can be opened without any special gear, the Ceiling Trapdoor and the Floor Trapdoor, both introduced in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation.

When a trapdoor opens after using a key or another kind of trigger, you hear a distinctive sound.


Tomb Raider

The first occurrence of a trapdoor is in the original Tomb Raider. In the City of Vilcabamba you will drop through one, after using a Lever.

Tomb Raider II

The trapdoor returns in Tomb Raider II, in the first level The Great Wall, inside the first tower of the wall. Here the trapdoor is triggered automatically; when Lara steps on it, it sends her down into a pool of water. In Venice you will encounter a set of trapdoors that are linked to the same Small Push Switch and function like a double door system. Another trapdoor is found in Bartoli's Hideout, after obtaining the Library Key and performing some Chandelier acrobatics during which you will open the trapdoor using a Wall Lever (also known as Big Lever Switch). Another trapdoor is found in the Opera House level. It is in the roof, behind a Swinging Crates and is opened by throwing a Small Lever Switch. The second trapdoor in the Opera House is special. It is not opened by a lever but by a Falling Sandbag crashing through it. [...] In the level Barkhang Monastery Lara is tasked with finding a Trapdoor Key that opens a trapdoor that leads to an outside location where one of the Prayer Wheels is found.

Tomb Raider III

In the Jungle level of Tomb Raider III Lara will find a trapdoor hidden behind a crate which is operated by a lever.

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