Small Push Switch

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Small Push Switch
Obstacle Type Trigger
Related Objects Door
Strategy Push the button to trigger an event

A Small Push Switch (also referred to as Button) is a common trigger throughout the Tomb Raider Games, which is usually attached to a wall. As with all triggers, activating it will trigger a certain event. This special case of a trigger is often used for nearby doors. These push switches are grey but once they are activated two red lights appear left and right of the button.


Tomb Raider II

The first time this button is used is in Tomb Raider II.

  • Lara's Home
Here is occurs in Lara's Home where is serves to open doors.
  • Venice
This button is also found in Venice where the one inside the Boathouse operates the doors of the building across the canal. Inside this building is a set of buttons that operate Trapdoors that act like a double door system.

Tomb Raider III

The small push switch makes its return in Tomb Raider III. Here you will encounter the same buttons as in Tomb Raider II, as well as stylised buttons and covered buttons.

  • Lara's Home
The first button encountered is in Lara's Home. It is the same button we know from the manor level in Tomb Raider II and it is attached to the wall between the closet and Lara's bed. It opens the closet.

  • Thames Wharf
In the Thames Wharf level of the London Section these switches are outfitted with a cover that has to be lifted up first, although in some cases the Cover Bug applies.
  • Coastal Village

The buttons in the South Pacific Section, first appearing in the Coastal Village are of another design but have the same function.


Similar Trigger

A larger version of the push button.