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The Survivor Upgrades are one of the upgrade types in the Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider (2013)

There are nine different Survivor Upgrades. Like the Brawler Upgrades and Hunter Upgrades, these can be bought by spending Skill Points, which in turn are earned by collecting XP.

List of Survivor Upgrades

Keen observation allows you to spot hard-to-find animals and food sources.
Earn extra rewards when looting animal corpses and food caches.
Thoroughly search crates and caches to find extra salvage.
Carefully looting animal corpses will reward you with extra salvage.
Resourceful archers can recover arrows from the bodies of enemies.
Spotting hidden pockets on enemy corpses will reward you with extra ammunition.
Increase your climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed and resist falling damage.
Use your keen perception to find hidden rewards in the environment.
All tomb entrances and map locations will be revealed on your map.

Early Concept

In the early demo versions of Tomb Raider (2013) shown at community events and conventions the Survivor Upgrades were called Ingenuity Upgrades.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

There are 21 Survivor Skills in Rise of the Tomb Raider. The improve the "crafting and exploration abilities".

List of Survivor Upgrades

Tier One

Faster crafting of throwable objects and ammo when on the run.
Enemies killed or knocked out from crafted handheld objects yield more XP.
Craft explosive bombs from red gas cans and deadly proximity mines from enemy radios.
Land safely without damage from substantial heights. Press B to roll when landing.
Earn bonus XP from Survival Caches, Documents, Relics, and Challenges.
Find Challenge objects more easily using Survival Instincts.
Climbing on rock and ice surfaces is significantly faster.

Tier Two

Craft large capacity ammo and resource pouches at base camps and increase the amount of ammo crafted on the run.
Craft traps on enemy corpses that detonate a deadly poison gas cloud when investigated.
Craft explosive grenades for the rifle grenade launcher that inflict heavy damage and destroy metal barriers.
Craft high-damage pistol bullets that expand on impact for increased lethality.
Craft incendiary shotgun shells that wreak havoc by lighting enemies on fire and igniting other flammable objects.
Advanced techniques give all crafted handheld items an increased detonation radius.
Sense traps when nearby (automatically triggering an Survival Instincts glow).
Reveal where nearby natural crating resources are located, both on the map and while using Survival Instincts.

Tier Three

PRESS Y mid-jump to jam climbable Broadhead Arrows into soft wood surfaces.
Survival Instincts show nearby relics, docs, monoliths, and stromgboxes - even through solid walls. Crypt entrances are revealed on the map.
Upgrade fire arrows to increase the range of the fire burst that erupts on impact.
Increase the size and duration of the poisonous cloud created by Poison Arrows.
Upgrade grenade arrows to disperse additional explosives on impact.
FIRE ARROWS and MOLOTOV COCKTAILS do more damage and burn armored enemies.

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