Survival Caches

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Lara Digging for a Cache

Survival Caches are a Secret in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Together with Coin Caches they replace the GPS Caches of Tomb Raider (2013).

Buried Survival Caches contain an assortment of resources.
In-game Notice

Finding a Survival Cache rewards Lara with +25 XP and some Resources. They can be found both in Syria and Siberia. Normally they are hidden on the map but can be revealed by finding Explorer's Satchels. Nevertheless, unlike Coin Caches, they can be found without revealing them on the map first: Whenever Lara is near a Survival Cache the game controller will vibrate and an interaction icon will be displayed above the cache. However there is no other visual aid for locating them from a longer distance, so finding the Explorer's Satchels is very useful.

A Survival Cache is nearby, find the correct spot to unearth the cache.
In-game hint when coming across the first Survival Cache