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The list of Lara's Friends is long, although few of them are close friends, some even turned into enemies and other died.

Igor Bowmane is a fellow Scholar working at the University of Moscow.
Father Patrick Dunstan is a priest who has been close to the Croft family. He is one of the few mourners when Lara is missing in Egypt, presumed dead.
Eva is a friend from College. She was present during the dig in Paraiso, Peru.
A friend from college. After she was lost, presumed dead during an excavation, she turned into an enemy.
A friend from college.
Alister was a friend of Lara's until he was killed by Lara's Doppelgänger. He served as research assistant during Lara's quest for Excalibur and during her search for the Underworld.
Alison Jane Harfleur is a friend from school.
Anaya Imanu is friend from college.
Jacob became Lara's friend during her time in Siberia.
Charles Kane (also known as Jean Yves) is fellow scholar working in Egypt.
  • Kent (Games, deceased)
Kent is a friend from College. She was present during the dig in Paraiso, Peru, where he died.
A friend from the Endurance, who accompanies her to Siberia on her search for the Divine Source.
Samantha Nishimura is a friend from college.
Sara Pezzini, a homocide detective in the NYPD (New York Police Department) and the wielder of the Witchblade, an ancient weapon, has become Lara's friend after the two worked together.
  • Raoul (Top Cow Comics, deceased)
  • Roger (Top Cow Comics, deceased)
Roger was Lara's fiancée before he died during a plane crash.
Conrad Roth was Lara's mentor and a good friend, until he died on Yamatai.
Sarah is a friend from College. She was present during the dig in Paraiso, Peru, where she died.
Lara's butler can not really be considered a friend, although he is a faithful ally.
Sofia, the daughter of Jacob, became Lara's friend after she managed to win the trust of the Remnant.
Lara's former mentor soon became her enemy.
A friend from the Endurance.
Kaz Weiss is the sister of Alex. After seeing Alex in a vision, Lara sets out to lend a helping hand to his sister.
A fellow treasure hunter.
Zip is one of Lara's closer friends. He helped her infiltrate the VIC Headquarters to steal the Iris from von Croy and at one time even worked and lived in Croft Manor from where he helped her during her quest for Stone Daises around the globe and her search for King Arthur's sword Excalibur and her search for a way into the Underworld.