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Lara Croft GO

On 30. November rumours have surfaced that a version of Lara Croft GO for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita are to be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Experience.[1] A Trophy set was published on the same day[2], containig 18 Trophies, including a Platinum Trophy.

Update 4 December 2016:

Please note that this is not yet officially confirmed by either Square Enix or Sony, but the publishing of a complete Trophy Set is a strong indicator that there will indeed be some announcement in the near future.

Lara Croft GO is available for PlayStation 4 and Vita at 9,99€ (7,99€ for PlayStation Plus members) since yesterday. New to the PS versions of the game is a new story level called Mirror of Spirits, inspired by the Croft Manor and featuring an encounter with Lara Croft's infamous Doppelgänger.

Additionally PC Players can download Lara Croft GO now on Steam. The Mirror of Steam level will not be included at release time, but will be available three months later as a DLC.


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