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Action Figures are small Figures of Lara, mostly made from plastic and intended as a toy. As with all Tomb Raider related products, these have become somewhat Collectible, especially if in mint condition still wrapped in their packaging.

Classic Games

There are several different Action Figures of the classic Lara Croft.

6 inch

There are six Action Figures of about 6 inch (15 cm).

  • London - Lara encounters the ferocious doberman
This figure shows Lara in her London Outfit in front of a house wall. On the opposite side of her there are is a Dobermann.
  • Lara Croft Faces the Deadly Great White
This figure shows Lara in a under water surrounding in front of a part of a wreckage, while from the right rear a huge Shark is approaching. She is wearing the Sola Diving Suit and carries a Harpoon Gun
  • Lara Croft on her Street Assault Motorbike
Lara sitting in a blue Norton Streetfighter motorcycle. She is located at a city street crossing with a lantern and some rubbish bins. She she wearing a Bomber Jacket, the one she found Bartoli's Plane on her way to Tibet
  • Lara Croft Encounters the Savage Bengal Tiger
Lara is standing in front of an arch on which a Tiger is crouching. She is wearing her Classic Outfit and carries a M16 rifle.
  • Lara Croft Escapes the Powerful Crocodile
Lara in front of a waterfall. A crocodile with his mouth wide open lurks to her left. She is wearing the South Pacific Outfit and carries a M16 rifle.
  • Lara Croft Conquers the Legendary Yeti
Lara hanging on to her Grapple from a frosty rock cliff, while underneath her a furious Yeti with an outstretched paw is trying to reach her. She is wearing the Bomber Jacket again, like on the Motorbike (see above).