Tomb of Hoarfrost

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Tomb of Hoarfrost
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Level No 1
Length (*)
Secrets 5
Special Downlaodable Content Icy Death Pack
Location Egypt
Parent / Hub Level:


Level Chronology:
Tomb of Hoarfrost

The Tomb of Hoarfrost is the first DLC level of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. It is part of the Icy Death Pack DLC. To reach this level, the player has to open the tomb to the right in the Sunken Chapel of Sobek location of the Overworld by touching the red Obelisk.

This level was published on January, 14th 2015. It is not part of the regular game but can be downloaded for 4.99€ from the PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam Store respectively.


Lara and her companions continue their search for Artifacts and more parts of Osiris's body. They enter a frozen subterranean Tomb with a lot of Traps like Freeze Vents and Time Bombs. To complete this level the player has to solve these puzzles and in the end survive falling Balls that drop onto Crumbling Floor tiles.


  • Solve the puzzles
  • Survive the dropping balls on the crumbling bridge



There are five Red Skulls throughout the level.



Power Ups


The level features five Reward Challenges and three Score Challenges in this level.

Score Challenges

  • Bronze Point Challenge: 38.000 Points
  • Silver Point Challenge: 57.000 Points
  • Gold Point Challenge: 95.000 Points

Reward: Frozen Pendant of Set's Chosen

Reward Challenges

  • Light all braziers in the Tomb of Hoarfrost
Reward: Max Health Upgrade
Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Grab all of the gems on the collapsing bridge
Reward: Frozen Band of Set's Favor
  • Complete Tomb of Hoarfrost in under 10:00
Reward: Frozen Hedjet Flail
Reward: Frozen Mark of Set's Ascetic