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There are several Rise of the Tomb Raider Characters that play some parts in the game.


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Lead Characters

After the events of Tomb Raider (2013) and her glimpse of the supernatural Lara sets off in the search of the Immortal Prophet and the Kitezh.
Jonah makes a reappearance. This time he accompanies Lara to Siberia where they get separated by an avalanche
Member and leader of the Remnant, a seclusive people also fighting Trinity. He later turns out to be the Prophet, who as been protecting his people and the Divine Source for the last thousand years.
Jacob's daughter and his successor as the leader of the Remnant after his death.
Lara's "Stepmother" - former girlfriend of Lord Croft after Lara's mother death, but never married. She turns out to be in league with Trinity.
Leader of Trinity in Siberia and Ana's brother. A brutal man with a messianic sense of purpose.

Minor Characters

Lara's father is only seen on screen in flashback scenes; otherwise he interacts with Lara through his research notes and private massages he recorded for her.
A renegade Trinity mercenary that runs the Supply Shack and helps Lara out with equipment
Provides Lara with Missions in the Soviet Installation.

Other Groups

The shady organization that discredited the work of Lord Croft. They have been persecuting the followers of the Prophet for centuries.
The followers of the Prophet. Their forefathers once were citizens of the Byzantine Empire.
Once the City Guard of Kitezh, now the undead guardians of the Divine Source.