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Supply Shack Interior

The Supply Shack is a feature in Rise of the Tomb Raider. The supply shack is located in the Soviet Installation, near the base camp Communications Tower.

While exploring the Soviet Installation, trying to find a way into the Gulag, Lara stumbles across a hut in which a Trinity deserter greets her. He agrees to trade equipment for Byzantine Coins.

While in the supply shack Lara will only walk. She needs to cross the building to continue with the game during the level Unexpected Discovery.

Use Byzantine Coins to purchase items from the Trinity equipment technician. Walk up to items and hold X to purchase. Return to the shack to purchase items at any time.
in-game information, Xbox version

There is an Achievement related to this Supply Shack called Avid Shopper. It is unlocked by purchasing all items from the shack. It may glitch and unlock earlier when making a purchase at the shack. [1]


Starting left, going clockwise.

Item Cost
Crafting Tool 175 coins
Commando Outfit 50 coins
Rifle Laser Sight 25 coins
Rifle Grenade Launcher 120 coins
Rope Ascender 30 coins
Pistol Suppressor 25 coins
Tactical Shotgun 140 coins
Military Rifle 140 coins


  1. Personal experience made by "tombraidergirl" (Xbox gamertag); Xbox One digital download version, with day one patch installed.