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Tru poacher.png

Tomb Raider Underworld

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Rifles

The Poachers are Enemies in Tomb Raider Underworld. Lara will meet them throughout the first levels located in Mexico. They generally are occupied with hunting Black Panthers; this will give Lara time to explore the surrounding areas. They are responsible for some of the Traps in the area, having dug spike riddled pits to trap the panthers they are hunting.

This area is the most rural and lawless region of Mexico, remote enough that some of its farmers do not even speak Spanish, but Mayan. Far enough away that heavily armed men have moved in to poach the protected black panthers, or more precisely, melanistic jaguars. The poachers have dug pit traps and must drive panthers here from throughout the surrounding area, unaware that the scattered ancient ruins here are only a hint of what lies beneath.
Lara's Journal Entries, Tomb Raider Underworld



If Lara approaches a Poacher, he will attack her by all means; however, if there is a jaguar nearby, he will get in a bit of a "cat-fight" with the animal and ignore her. That gives her time to flee or attack.

The fact that they have no defensive items is good, so they always stay offensive with their moves. When they are firing, they come to a standstill, giving Lara time to take aim. The Poachers often prefer attacking panthers instead of attacking Lara. They don't have any particular strengths.


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