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Lord Corft's Journal Recorder

Invitation is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Journal of Lord Croft set and contains Lara's father's research note and other, more personal messages to Lara. They mainly cover his problems with his research after his work was discredited as a fools errand.

I remember this. Dad was buzzing with anticipation about this conference, even though he knew he'd be mocked.

Received an invite today to speak at a conference on folklore and anthropology. Of course, I've only been invited as a figure of fun. They only want to ridicule me and my ideas.

But the point of this work is not to keep it in the shadows. The point is to expose it. To help bring the truth to the world.

Amelia believed that it was noble to face adversity head on. That strength was born from inside oneself. She was right. She was always right...

For better or worse, I will accept the invitation.