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Letter to Lara

Blame is a Document in the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration DLC Blood Ties. It belongs to the Atlas de Mornay set and consists of an very angry letter to Lord Crift, written by Lara's uncle Atlas de Mornay after the death of his sister Amelia,.

The letter is simply addressed to Lord Croft, suggesting that Atlas delivered the letter in person but again was not let into the house by Winston.

Uncle Atlas won't stop until the Croft name is ruined. I have to find a way to get him out of my life.


I tried to see you in person, last week, but your manservant hustled me away like some common tout peddling silverware. He told me you are heartbroken, and you are not yet ready to see visitors. He tells me you blame yourself for her loss. Well, to that I say: You damn well better.

I hope it hurts. I hope every moment of your life from this day forward is a ringing echo of loss. I hope you live just long enough to fell the pain grow when you hoped it would diminish, because you earned it. You stole Amelia from us. You ruined her reputation and poisoned her mind with fantasy for children. In the end, you might as well have choked the life from her with your own hands.

Do not contact me again, ever, but you must make arrangements for the future of your daughter. Have you considered perhaps it would be better if you followed Amelia sooner rather than later? As Lara's legal guardian, perhaps I could erase some of the damage you've already done to the poor girl. If not, I will do everything in my power to see to it that the Croft name is forgotten.

Lara deserves better than you. So did Amelia, and so do we all.