Winged Demon

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Remark: This article describes the Winged Demon in the Comic Tomb Raider Witchblade Special Vol.1, Issue 1. For information on a similar enemy in the original Tomb Raider, see Winged Atlanteans.

Winged Demon
Died 1997
Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
Comic(s) Tomb Raider/Witchblade #1

The Winged Demon is a creature in the Top Cow Tomb Raider Comic Tomb Raider Witchblade Special Vol.1, Issue 1.

This demon rested inside the black pearl of a talisman Lara found inside a labyrinth in the ruins of Hal Saflieni, Malta. When she learned that her client, Lucas Moralto, a former friend of her father's, intended to use it for evil, Lara tried to take the talisman from him and accidentally broke it, inadvertently setting the demon free. The demon set out on a rampaging spree, taking on his new masters vendetta and killing all members of a former rivalling crime family until Lara and her new acquaintance Sara Pezzini, a NYPD homicide detective and wielder of the Witchblade, were able to kill it.