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Hi, I'm MilkFloat6 and I specialize in Tomb Raider 2 as it's my all time favorite. When I found this Wiki, i thought it was a great idea that someone started a Tomb Raider wiki. I had tried to do Tomb Raider stuff on Wikipedia, but they deleted it as they said "wikipedia isn't a gaming site or something", but here, you can express your Tomb Raider knowledge and fun. As this is my page, I might as well personalize it with my own images and personal say on Tomb Raider 2.

Also, I have finally got Tomb Raider 3, after several weeks of frantically looking for it.

Perfect weapon (deadly, unlimited ammunition)
Great Wall
Temple of Xian
Lara's speedboat

Favorite Tomb RaiderTomb Raider 2
Favorite Tomb Raider weaponUzis
Favorite Real-life weaponColt Commando
Favorite Tomb Raider II Levels"Tibetan Foothills" and "Venice"
Levels I hate the most"The Deck" and "Diving Area"
Fastest completion of Tomb Raider II12 hours
Favorite EnemyBrawlers
Most Hated Enemy Frogmen
Favorite Antagonists Natla, Marco Bartoli (in dragon form) and Sophia Leigh
Favorite TRII VehicleSnowmobile with machine guns
Favorite TRIII VehicleQuadbike
Favorite TRIII Level so farHigh Security Compound

Wiki-Raider Aims

  • To upload good pictures for Tomb Raider II Pages requiring one
  • Increase detail on past and present Tomb Raider 2 articles
  • To create and finish a companion page to TR2 Story, Tomb Raider III Story.