Tomb of the Timekeeper

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Tomb of the Timekeeper
Level No 2
Length (*)
Secrets 5 Red Skulls
Location Egypt
Parent / Hub Level:

Shrine of Osiris

Level Chronology:
Pyramid of Osiris Tomb of the Timekeeper Tomb of the Silversmith

Temple of the Timekeeper is a level in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.


After collecting the first part of Osiris's body in the Overworld just after leaving the Pyramid of Osiris the door to the Tomb of the Timekeeper opens. As Lara and her companions enter the tomb, they are confronted with a Timebomb Puzzle: in order to break through a Crumbling Wall they have to move a ball-shaped bomb in front of it that starts ticking the moment the touch it. Their fuse can be slowed by using the Staff of Osiris. Opening these barricaded doors with timebombs is a recurring theme throughout this level.

Also, the players have to use hidden Scarab Rings, that only open after being triggered by stepping on a Pressure Plate, to grapple across pits.

Towards the end of the level there is a cave-in where Spike Balls and timebombs keep falling onto the characters while they are trying to escape up a staircase.




There are five Red Skulls throughout this level:

  • At the start of the level around a corner. Reachable by grapple or standing on the shield of a co-player.
  • Inside a pit. Connect the grapple to a co-player and let yourself down the wall
  • After jumping onto the stairs, turn left (up the stairs) first. Right beside the Health Shrine there is another Red Skull.
  • When you reach the third timebomb grapple down the wall.
  • When the cave-in starts up a high column. Stand on the shield of a co-player to get up.



Power Ups


The level features three Score and five Reward Challenges.

Score Challenges

Reward: Hand Cannons

Reward Challenges

  • Complete Tomb of the Timekeeper in under 7:00
Reward: Iron Fire Crook
Reward: Weakened Iron Ring of Reach
Reward: Vulnerable Iron Ring of Reach
  • Destroy vases in the tomb
Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Complete the tomb without grabbing any timebombs
Reward: Vulnerable Iron Ring of Haste