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Obstacle Type Trigger
Related Objects Timebomb Barrier
Strategy Move about by pushing or bombing. Slow countdown with the Staff of Osiris.

A Timebomb in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is an explosive device that can destroy certain walls and permit Lara and her colleagues to advance further in the game. It consists of two half spheres with a glowing part in the middle. As soon as it is being moved (by a player or by a bomb) it starts a count-down. The time to explosion can be estimated by the glowing middle part: Green is save, yellow is dangerous, and by the time it turns red the timebomb should be placed at its final destination and all players should stand clear of its blast radius. The count-down can be slowed down by the Staff of Osiris.

There is at least one Reward Challenge where the timebomb must be moved by bombs placed by the player in order to get a reward.