Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Characters

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The following Characters make their appearance in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, the sixth installment of the Tomb Raider Series.

The main protagonist, suspected for the murder of her mentor, Werner von Croy
Lara's mentor, who contacted her just before his death
A curator at the Louvre and a friend of Werner von Croy.
The main antagonist of the game, who is seeking for the Obscura Paintings.
Parisian gang boss, last known contact of Werner von Croy besides Lara.
The last member of the Lux Veritatis. He wants revenge after Eckhardt killed his father, Konstatin.
Father of Kurtis Trent.
Head of corrective and remedial surgery at the Strahov complex, member of The Cabal.
An investor, aid and member of The Cabal, also Eckhardt's right hand man.
Head of security for The Cabal and The Strahov.
Pawnshop owner in Paris which he uses as a front for shadier dealings.
A Parisian hooker who shares information about Bouchard and his two men.
A former bartender at Bouchard's nightclub Le Serpent Rouge, who now runs the Café Metro.
Pierre's ex.
A former janitor at Bouchard's nightclub Le Serpent Rouge, hangs around in the Park.
Boxer, trainer, and best friend of Louis Bouchard.
Boxer, who is being trained by Anton Gris.
Boxer, who is being trained by Anton Gris.
An art dealer who lives in Prague. He exchanges the information with Von Croy and is murdered by the Monstrum.
A Czech reporter who shares information about the murders in Prague and Vasiley.
A worker of Bouchard, survived attacks of the Monstrum.
A city guide met in the Parisian Ghetto, "All tastes and interests catered for."
A truckdriver imprisoned by Kristina Boaz after he delivered The Sleeper to the Strahov
The leader of the Lux Veritatis