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Remark: This article describes the location Strahov in The Angel of Darkness. For information about the level in the same game, see The Strahov Fortress.

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Country Czech Republic
Games The Angel of Darkness
Comics The Angel of Darkness

The Strahov is a location Lara visits in The Angel of Darkness and in its comic adaptation.

It's the name of the building complex that is the Cabal's headquarters located in Prague.

The Strahov is actually a district of Prague.

The Angel of Darkness

Main article: Prague Section

Lara gains access to the Strahov complex with the help of a Czech reporter named Luddick. In the Strahov she gradually finds out more and more about the sinister plans of Pieter van Eckhardt.

You're in big trouble, whoever you are. Intruders don't last long in the Strahov.
Grant Müller[1]



Comic adaptation of The Angel of Darkness

The three-part comic adapatation of the game follows the game's storyline and the events are pretty much the same.


  1. In-game dialogue between Lara Croft and Grant Müller in the level The Bio-Research Facility