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In this article I created, there may be certain sections of informality or lack of detail. If you wish to edit it, feel welcome, but please do not re-write large parts of the article unless necessary. If you have any better pictures than the ones I uploaded or used, please change them to make this article better. If you also have good experience with Tomb Raider II, and disagree with certain facts or details I have put, I urge you to change them to the correct information.

In the creation of this article, I partly used my own uploaded pictures, and some of others, as I was collecting and uploading the pictures as I played the game again, and that was taking some time. The pictures up to Offshore Rig are mine.

I also might of made numerous spelling mistakes in the creation of this document, so, if you can and want to, change it to make it more accurate.

At the present time, as I progress through Tomb Raider 3, I am considering creating a similar Tomb Raider III Story, but first I must complete the game several times before I become familiar with the gameplay.

Thank you, MilkFloat6 10:31, 13 July 2008 (CEST)