Stone of Re

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Stone of Re
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Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Underneath the Sphinx
Level Used Underneath the Sphinx

Stone of Re is a key and a minor artefact found in the level Underneath the Sphinx in The Last Revelation.

It is found after a correct combination is entered in the Hieroglyph Button Puzzle, which opens a gate leading to a room with many niches on the walls. Most of them contain a Swarm of Scarabs, so one much choose carefully th two niches to try - one contains the artefact and the other has a mechanism for opening the exit from the room.

The correct niches are the third on the left wall and the right one on the back wall. First one has the mechanism, the second one has the Stone of Re.


Blue gemstone placed in the middle of a golden ornament.


The artefact is not known to have any special powers. It opens a gate when placed to its receptacle alongside with three other stones: the Stone of Atum, the Stone of Khepri and the Stone of Maat.

Further Information

Re is actually another name for the Egyptian god Ra, the god of the Sun.[1] "Re" is also an Egyptian word for mouth.[2]

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