Swarm of Scarabs

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Swarm of Scarabs

The Last Revelation

Enemy Type regular
Classification Animals Beetles
Distinctiveness can not be killed

The Swarm of Scarabs (also Little Beetles) will annoy Lara in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation. They cannot be killed, and they are very fast. Lara can flee from them by climbing up on a high pillar or by climbing on a ceiling ladder.

They will follow Lara everywhere, sometimes she can get rid of them by hanging down a ledge or running over a grating (mainly in Custom Levels). In both cases the beetles will go over the edge and probably not come back up.


The first time Lara encounters these enemies is at the beginning of the Tomb of Semerkhet. She can use the Climbable Ceiling to escape them. Later throughout the level Lara will encounter more beetles, where she'll be able to escape up the pole. When searching for Secret 36 Lara will release more beetles when picking up a Large Medipack.
In the Temple of Isis Lara will release more beetles by breaking the Broken Beetles from the walls.
In the Level Underneath the Sphinx the beetles are hiding within grab-holes.
The scarabs in the Khufu's Queens Pyramids-level can be found within the maze.

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