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Eddington with Lara's father

Professor Eddington is a character mentioned in Tomb Raiders Legend and Underworld. He doesn't actually make an appearance in any of the games.

Eddington is an old friend of Lord Croft currently working at the Cavendish Laboratory, the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. Aboard the Croft yacht there is a picture frame showing Professor Eddington standing besides Lord Croft.

At the end of Tomb Raider Legend, after finding out that her mother might be still alive and trapped in Avalon, Lara tells Zip to call him and arrange a meeting.

  • Zip, call Professor Eddington at the Cavendish Laboratory. - Will do. What should I tell him? - Tell him... Tell him my father was right about everything, and there may still be time to do something about it. [1]

During their meeting he tells Lara what he knows about Lord Crofts search for Avalon. Eddington can point Lara in the direction her father had taken by telling her the coordinates of an unexplored island in the Mediterranean Sea, a location Lord Croft had wanted to visit next. Eddington is unable to tell Lara how her father got the coordinates. In Bhogavati, Thailand Lara learns that it was from a map left in a chamber in which one of Thor's Gauntlets resided.

  • My father died in a tragic accident while searching for Avalon, the mythical resting place of King Arthur. I never shared his belief that it had played any role in my mother's disappearance, but recent events make me suspect otherwise. Professor Eddington knew the coordinates Father intended to investigate next, but did not know how he had determined them or if he had confirmed the existence of a ruin at the location. That's up to me. [2]


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