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Miguel is the pilot that flies Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava into the Peruvian Jungle. Judging from his Flight Log that Lara finds near the Plane Wreckage Base Camp he seems to be quite diligent, but could not predict the freak storm that brought down his plane.

When Lara regains consciousness after the plane crash, she soon starts looking for Miguel and Jonah, following a trail through the jungle. Soon she sees a flare going up in the distance and starts heading in that direction. The flare, however, was most likely fired by Jonah, not by Miguel, as she later receives the Flare Gun from him.

After discovering the wrecked plane and getting her gear down from a tree, she again sets off to find Miguel. Sadly as soon as she find him, he is attacked by a pair of Jaguars and killed.