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Lost is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the seven Diaries of a Madman documents.

This is the rambling of a truly lost madman. Mathias has committed his sanity to this cause and will stop at nothing to fulfill some twisted destiny of his own making.

It is found at the Geothermal Caverns location.


5 June 2011

The years pass and I now hear her whispers in my sleep. It is the Sun Queen... she is urging me on. I see her magnificent face with every sunrise. Soon now...

My Solarii toil in her name, building a city from all that she has brought to the island, torturing and sacrificing in her name. Soon now... we will find the one. I long for escape, but not simply from this island. From all of this... the wrecks, bodies, and squalor. If I can bring my Queen back, it will vanish in an instant.

And like the sun rising anew, she will bathe all the land and seas with her light, burning away everything. I will emerge from this scorched earth... reborn and pure. [1]


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