Highland Fling

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Highland Fling
The Lost Artifact
Section Scottish Highlands
Level No 1
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 75 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Europe, Scotland
Level Chronology:
All Hallows Highland Fling Willard's Lair

Highland Fling is the first level of The Lost Artifact. Lara is in the Scottish highlands, searching for the fifth artefact. In this level you will meet the Loch Ness Monster and several Crows, Castle Guards and Dogs.


  • Make your way up to the castle
  • Find the two Thistle Stones.
  • Open the gate with them to reach Willard's Lair.


Traps & Obstacles



  • At the beginning of the level Lara finds a slab of rock engraved with the words "Willard's Well". This is probably a means to tease the players, seeing as the next level takes place right in Willard's Lair.
  • Throughout the level there are many boxes which have a blue pattern in the shape of the Hand of Rathmore.

Typical Scenery of the Level