Helheim Power Stone

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Helheim Power Stone
Tru helheim power stone 2.JPG


Found 2008
Arctic Sea
Game(s) Tomb Raider Underworld
Level Found Helheim
Level Used Helheim

The Helheim Power Stone is a minor artefact and a key item found, in the level Helheim in Tomb Raider Underworld.

A total of four Helheim Power Stones have to be collected in order to power up the mechanism needed to open the drawbridge into Helheim.

One of multiple keys needed to open the drawbridge to Helheim.
In-game information[1]


A decorative stone of pentagon form with a mysterious symbol glowing blue light.


The artefacts are able to power up the mechanism that opens the drawbridge to Helheim when all four Helheim Power Stones are placed to their receptacles. This power must be connected somehow to the artefacts' mysterious blue glow, making them an ancient power source of some sort.



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