Gold Key (Tomb of Tihocan)

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Gold Key

Gold Key is a key found twice in the level Tomb of Tihocan in the original Tomb Raider.

The first Gold Key is used to raise some blocks from the water so that Lara can cross the watery pit. The second Gold Key is used in the actual Tihocan's tomb to open the exit of the level.

Locations of the Gold Keys

  • The first Gold Key is located in a room with a set of spikes, a gorilla and a lion. To get to the key, Lara must first use a wall lever to open a door to the small alcove with the Gold Key. Then she must go upstairs of the room, and jump to grab the ledge next to the alcove. Traverse to right until Lara can climb up and pick up the key.

See Also

Another Gold Key found in the Greece Section of the original Tomb Raider