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Gems are items that can be found in both Lara Croft titles Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Furthermore in Lara Croft: Relic Run they are one of two in-game currencies besides Coins.

Guardian of Light & Temple of Osiris

Gems can be found anywhere within these games. They may simply lie around, be dropped by Enemies when they are killed, be hidden inside Vases or - in Temple of Osiris - in Braziers or even beneath loose floor tiles.

Gems primarily increase the players score, but in Temple of Osiris the are also a kind of currency that can be used to open Treasure Chests in which Lara and her companions find Amulets and Rings.


Guardian of Light

In the Guardian of Light there was only one kind of gem (silver). worth 1,200 Points each.

Temple of Osiris

In the Temple of Osiris there are three kinds of gems: bronze, silver, and golden, in order of value. Bronze gems start at 50 points, silver gems are worth 100 and gold ones 150. These values can be increased by Multipliers and by the number of people playing the game. For example a gold gem can be worth as much as 1200 points if two people are playing.

TypeworthX 1.5X 2X 3X 4

You get double points if two people are playing.

Relic Run

Gems can be found during runs

In Lara Croft: Relic Run gems are quite rare. They appear at random just like Powerups or Clues but far less often. Another way to get gems is via a Supply Drop. They can also be bought with real-world money; e.g. 100 gems, the smallest amount one can buy in the game, cost 0,99€.

Gems can be used in several different ways: to buy Resurrection Ankhs, to upgrade Weapons, or to unlock new Outfits. Also, since version 1.0.55 of the game, Gems can be used to make up missing amounts of Coins when trying to buy items that cost more that one currently posses.