Flooded Archives

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Flooded Archives


Country Siberia
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Flooded Archives are a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara visits here when she leaves the Geothermal Valley for the second time, where she also returns to after she is finished with the Archives. It is the eighth location discovered in the game.


Lara enters the Flooded Archives in the Search of the Altlas, the ancient map that shows the place where the Divine Source is hidden in the lost city of Kitezh, through the Cathedral, where she met Ana who is giving orders to the Trinity soldiers that are already inside. They are concerned that they are not alone and that they are getting picked off one by one, but Ana won't sent in reinforcements. Lara takes her hostage when she is about to be discovered, but there are too many soldiers around. Instead of giving up she detonates the charges set all around her and collapses the floor. Both her and Ana's fall ends as the ropes Lara pulled around them get caught in some beams in the shaft.

After Lara freed herself she continues into the Archives. A strong smell of burned flesh almost overwhelms her and she finds the remains of the soldiers Ana sent in before her, burned beyond recognition. There is definitely someone else in here. She continues into the Archives proper and finds the Atlas. As soon as she takes it a lot of Trinity soldiers show up and try to take it from her.

As soon as she got rid of them she continues through a flooded passage and encounters a Trinity mercenary with a Flamethrower. She has to dive to avoid being roasted alive. Soon someone stabs the flamethrower from behind and he drops into the water and onto Lara. Caught beneath the weight of the dead body she manages to take his Rebreather to stay alive under water.

Lara continues into the next part of the Flooded Archives and encounters more Trinity soldiers, dead ones as well as some that still try to kill her. She finds a way out - using the huge statue of the Prophet, but first she has to topple it over removing the wooden supports at its base. For that she needs more barrels of Greek Fire. Luckily there are two places she finds some, but she has to overcome some smaller obstacles first.

As soon as the statue tips over a lot of armour-clad Deathless Jacob told Lara about, the Athanatoi that defend the old city, appear and take her under fire with their flaming arrows. She just manages to escape the Archives and returns to the Geothermal Valley through an underground cavern.


On first play-through there are six Levels that take place at this location (excluding the end of The Cathedral, which starts in the Geothermal Valley): Glimpses, The Atlas, Dark Waters, Rising Tide, and Escape the Archive.

Base Camps

There are three Base Camp at this location: Chamber of Records and Greek Fire Depot.