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Desert Eagle (TR5)

The Desert Eagle is one of the weapons in Tomb Raider III, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider Chronicles.

This weapon is quite effective, similar to the Revolver, but in Tomb Raider III it tends to be even more powerful. There is also a decent amount of ammo for it, making it arguably the best weapon in the game. One to three shots will kill most enemies and it is also useful in boss battles, for example against Willard. In Tomb Raider Chronicles you can also attach the Lasersight to it to use it as a long-range weapon.


The Desert Eagle is a powerful gas operated pistol firing either .357, .44 or .50 AE ammunition, designed by Magnum Research of the United States and produced by IMI of Israel. Although it is not an effective combat pistol--due to its heavy weight, large size and the size of its ammunition, it is popular in action movies and video games.

It is not clear which version of the Desert Eagle is present in Tomb Raider III and Chronicles, but its appearance is closer to the Jericho 941 recoil-operated pistol, which was later sold as the "Baby" Desert Eagle. It can be chambered in .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .41 AE and 9mm Parabellum. The version in the game is one of the larger calibers, as it outperforms the 9mm HK-MP5. The Eagle combines the accuracy of the MP5 with the massive stopping power of the shotgun, and has a better rate of fire than the shotgun. Lara can only carry one, as this pistol is much heavier than her normal pistols, and she needs two hands to control it. Reloading is not done in real time, so magazine capacity is not an issue.



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Desert Eagle Ammo (TR5)

Desert Eagle Clips are the ammunition used with the Desert Eagle. A box of this ammunition holds 5 shots.

Power (Tomb Raider III)

The following table will show the power of the Desert Eagle against random enemies in Tomb Raider III.

Enemy exampleShots
Guard (London)2