Challenge Tombs (SotTR)

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There are nine Challenge Tombs in the base game of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There will be more in upcoming DLCs.

List of Challenge Tombs

Southern part of the jungle, near the Base Camp [[]]
Base Camp: Canyon Ruins
Reward Eagle's Perch
"Increase climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed."
Northern part, near a small lake
Base Camp: none
Reward: Caiman's Heart
"Health regenerates more quickly."
East of the village, near the Capybara hunting Grounds
Base Camp: Petroleum Deposits
Reward: Hurricane's Mantle
"Reduce damage from fire and explosions."
South-West of Paititi , by the lake; the entrance is under water.
Base Camp: none
Reward: Sip's Quiver
"Loose up to three arrows without pulling from the quiver."
Southern part of Paititi, upstairs from the Base Camp of the same name
Base Camp: Temple of the Sun (Base Camp) (Outside the Tomb)
Reward: Hoatzin's Hunger
"Increase the amount of natural crafting resources gathered from each source."
East of the Temple District on the western side of the river
Base Camp: Subterranean River
Reward: Jaguar's Paw
"Increase chance to knock enemies down with melee attacks."
At the most northern part of the region.
Base Camp: Collapsed Temple
Reward: Caiman's Breath II
"Further increase breath capacity when swimming underwater."
South of the mission, through a rusted gate
Base Camp: Mountain Catacombs
Reward: Kinich Ahau's Boon
"Health is instantly restored once when near death in battle. Refreshes between encounters."
South-east of the mission, underwater entrance in the southern part of the lake.
Base Camp: Flood Basin
Reward: Sip's Strike
"CHARGED arrows deal more damage against armored enemies."