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Remark: This article describes the level Temple of Xian in Tomb Raider II. For information about the location, see Xi'an.

Temple of Xian
Tomb Raider II
Section China Section (pt. 2)
Level No 15
Length (*)
  • Game Time:
    75 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Asia, China
Level Chronology:
Ice Palace Temple of Xian Floating Islands
detailed Walkthrough

Temple of Xian is a level in Tomb Raider II.

At the beginning you see the Dagger of Xian in front of you, but as you go towards it you fall through a trap-door, which drops you down into some deep caves via tall waterfalls, and eventually the front of the temple. Throughout the level along to really creepy music, a long journey past some of the most difficult traps of the game, and being genuinely scared you find yourself by it again. However someone has beaten you and they are carried off into the Floating Islands after plunging the dagger into their heart.

This level is among the longest in Tomb Raider II, where Lara encounters various traps and enemies based upon Chinese legends and stories. Such as the spider cave is based on Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, with the name of 盤絲洞, literally the Cave of Tangled Silk.


Meaning of xian

The word Xian could be perceived by how the Chinese term is translated, as it could be one word for an immortal (仙, xian), or the location that the area is based, Xī'ān (西安), the capital of Shaanxi province in China and a sub-provincial city. Known as one of the most important cities in Chinese history, Xi'an is listed as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China because it has been the capital of 13 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang. Xi'an is also the eastern end of the Silk Road. However, it was called Chang'an (Traditional Chinese: 長安; Simplified Chinese: 长安, pinyin: Cháng'ān; literally "Perpetual Peace") in ancient times, when it used to be the capital of China.


  • Enter the first temple using the Dragon Seal
  • Make your way through the traps and spider cave
  • Reach the top of the dragon pillar


Traps and Obstacles


Typical Scenery of the Level

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