Floating Islands

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Floating Islands
Tomb Raider II
Section Temple of Xian
Level No 16
Length (*)
  • Game Time:
    75 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Asia, China
Level Chronology:
Temple of Xian Floating Islands The Dragon's Lair
detailed Walkthrough

Floating Islands is a level in Tomb Raider II. It's one of the most surreal levels of the game, featuring animate statues, strange architecture and--as the name states--floating green islands.



After traveling to the Temple of Xian, Lara reaches the chamber of the Dagger, but sees that her enemy has beaten her to it. Marco Bartoli takes the Dagger and plunges it in his heart. His goons take him out of the chamber. Lara makes sure she is on their tail. She reaches a surreal place full of stone warriors and strange green islands.




Typical Scenery of the Level


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