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"Tomb Raider"

The ninth title and reboot of the Tomb Raider Series is scheduled to come in Spring 2013.


Gameplay Elements

As enemies the crazy scavengers and wolves were revealed. Traps are falling boulders, the ocean and more.

Tools and weapons play an important role. Lara starts off with nothing. She will soon learn how to use fire (torches), she will then find a bow and learn to hunt, next she will gain an axe (first only used as Old Pry Tool, which can be upgraded), then she will find her first fire arm.

Throughout the game she will then learn to use Fire Arrows and Rope Arrows, find a Shotgun and a Rifle and upgrade her rifle with a Grenade Launcher.

Enemies are Wolves, the Solarii (Melee Solarii, Rifle Solarii, Shield Solarii, Boris...) and the Oni. Other animals (Deer, Bunnies, Crows, Gulls, Crabs) can be hunted for XP, but they pose no real threat to Lara.

For the first time in history Tomb Raider will feature a proper competitive Multiplayer Mode with three game modes.

Tomb Raider (2013) Levels

As the whole game is playing on a single almost open-world island, there are no real levels as there were in previous games. The following levels (areas) have been revealed to date:

For a list of camps, see Base Camps or Day Camps. The player can fast travel between base camps to re-visit parts of the island.

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