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Wolves tr1.jpg
Enemy Type regular Enemy
Classification Animal
Distinctiveness These enemies can be harmed by any weapon.
Weapons Teeth

The Wolves are enemies Lara encounters in the original Tomb Raider, its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary, the Tomb Raider II add-on The Golden Mask and in the Gameboy adventure The Prophecy, as well as the 2013 Reboot.


Wolves in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary appear throughout the Peru Section. Sometimes they can be avoided by shooting at them from elevations. In Anniversary the player can utilize Adrenaline Dodge and Headshot to get rid of wolves much quicker.
This same model of Wolf appears in the Tomb Raider II expansion the Golden Mask.
There are also wolves in the Game Boy adventure The Prophecy. These take 4 shots with normal pistols.


Similar Opponents

The lions and panthers encountered later throughout Lara's Scion adventure are very similar to the wolves. They are equally as tough and have a similar behaviour.

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