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Yucatec is one of the three languages that Lara can learn in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The other two are Quechua and Mam. Like these, Yucatec is a real language that is still spoken today by the Maya people of Meso-America. During the course of the game Lara is able to improve her Language Proficiency in all of these languages by finding relics and murals. Many of the inhabitants of Paititi use one of these languages when the game is set to use the Immersion Mode.

Yucatec is the last of the three languages Lara learns in the story mode of the game. The first Mural using Yucatec is located in Paititi.

In Real Life

Yucatec is a Maya language today spoken on the Yucatan peninsula and Belize. There are about 800,000 speakers today.[1]


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